Finding Your Sales Platform

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Thanks to this article in the The Entrepreneur I am reading less. And I’m so glad for it. I’m not going to write reams on this subject. Everything I want to say is already in the article. Please read it if you are struggling with mountains of largely ineffective social media advice and you can’t find anything that really works for your brand.

Cb6v16jWwAIM_WH.jpg largeRealistically, these pieces are written by social media companies vying for your attention and ultimately your business. In the same way you get empty follows and comments on your social media posts that you know won’t lead to business, these articles work in the same way.

That being said, I haven’t found the answer yet. I do advise using analytics that monitor your activity and show you what people are responding to. It’s frustrating to find out that your most tweeted post is nothing to do with your product but use it to your advantage. Is it the content, or other tagged users? If people are seeing it, that means they are seeing your brand. And that can’t be a bad thing – right?

CcZ6rpdWAAE0E7d.jpg largeI also agree that the direct sell approach doesn’t work. People will only buy what they want. Telling them they have to buy your product isn’t going to encourage them. And people demanding that I follow their page because they followed mine just irritates me.

Take good behind the scenes shots, manufacture images. Anything that helps your potential target customer relate to the message behind your product – the ethics, the processes involved, the sheer blood, sweat and tears that you go through to create beautiful things that people will (hopefully) want to treasure.

Ccd1nzWWEAAMk4v.jpg largeIf anything, people need to know they are buying more than just a product. They want to buy into the ethos of your company – the care and consideration you take with your base materials, your manufacture processes. The love you have for what you do. They need to know you are truly invested in your own self belief.

Because for every ten high street shoppers who don’t care about factory conditions in Cambodia, there are two people who treasure every stitch. And those are the people you want to embrace, not the hagglers and the ‘wear it once throw it away’ shoppers.

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I would say that the amount of stock I have made this last 12 months is just about equal to my financial shortfall for the same year. Work wise, I think I do enough, it’s just finding people who want the product and finding ways to keep the wolf from the door whilst I seek them out. And I haven’t given up yet.

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