You’ve Seen A Dress You Love, But You Can’t Afford It. What Do You Do?

There is something interesting trending at the moment. And it’s not a style. It’s also not new, but suddenly everyone’s talking about it.

Renting your wardrobe.

Let’s use an example. You have a glitzy do. You’ve seen the dress you want, but the price tag is way above what you can afford. And let’s face it, how many opportunities are you going to get to wear it again?


Copyright: Graham Binns Photography

Love it? Rent it!
Designer: Falcieri Designs

So why not rent it for a fraction of the price and not compromise on the space in your wardrobe. It makes sense doesn’t it? After all, we rent our cars, music via services like Spotify and our homes thanks to websites like Airbnb and SpareRoom.

And I don’t have a problem with it. Whilst I don’t consider my designs unaffordable, I appreciate that some of them aren’t the kind of thing you’re likely to wear again anytime soon and it seems a shame not to share the love of a beautiful dress.

From a sustainability point of view it’s also a great option for the environmentally conscious on both the sales and customer side of the deal. If you’re renting your clothes you’re going to be minimising unwanted textiles that end up in landfill. It’s as simple as that.

There are a host of companies out there which specialise in renting clothing. Men’s suit hire has been a thing for years. Many of these companies offer a delivery and pick up service too. More than that, the subscription service rather than one off rentals seems to be picking up in the UK. It’s something retailers are considering adding into their store makeup as outlets continue to struggle with profit margins and customers remain reluctant to invest in well made, individual clothing.

Girl Meets Dress is an example of a company that hires out high fashion designer label dresses for a fraction of their retail price. You can hire a bead encrusted £809 cocktail dress for £89. Guaranteed to turn heads at your next party.


Girl Meets Dress offers a full service for a range of occasions

But it’s not just evening wear you can hire. What about all the feature pieces in your day to day wardrobe? Maybe you’re an office power dresser who needs new formal wear on a regular basis? And what about try before you buy and longer hire periods. All covered according to The Huffington Post.

This could be a revolution in the way we fill our wardrobes. For those who get the ethos behind it and are regular spenders who enthusiastically replenish their wardrobes, it’s a great idea. Not everyone will like the idea of wearing something that’s already been worn, but as many customers want to move towards careful shopping and away from the cheap mass market of fast fashion, it’s set to become a more popular option.

And what’s the benefit to designers? Well potentially you could be making more financially from one gown than you would normally from its sale. This may be less likely with very expensive pieces but for designers like me it has the potential to be a financial lifeline whilst also advertising our designs up close with customers.

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