You Risk Killing Your Business With Social Media

If you think social media is the answer to being a successful business you are very much mistaken. There are far too many articles telling you that if you can just nail the hashtags, the SEO, and gain followers by the bus load, you’re going to be a success.

This is wrong.

How many times have you posted online and had no reaction. Or perhaps you’ve scraped in a couple of likes. And you wondered what you were doing wrong because you’d tagged everybody and hash tagged every word that seemed remotely relevant.

Likes tell you nothing. They COULD be people that like what you posted but why did they like it? They could be other businesses trawling for your followers list. Maybe they’re just being polite because they know you or they want to collaborate with you. Sometimes people hit the like button just so your followers will see them. It’s a very shallow way to garner leads. It doesn’t work. And yes, I have tried it.


With the continued over subscription of social media services, even if there are 1000 people out there who would love what your business offers, how on earth are you going to be seen? No sooner do you post, than 30 updates have appeared above yours.

I have now taken to muting a number of accounts I follow because I just can’t keep up with continuous stream of updates. And who wants to? Life is too short. Many updates have little value or connection to what I do anyway. And I skim past them in reams! I am not interested in breakfast selfies, pets or holidays. I need to know how they relate to what I do. How we can help each other.

The truth is that the bigger social media gets the less chance you have of being seen. It’s time to go back to old fashioned methods. Face to face contact. But we are an anti-social creature that prefers to hide behind 140 characters or an Instafilter.

‘There is no such thing as an overnight success’

When a company suddenly appears to be successful on social media, do you believe it? The chances are they weren’t magically an instant success because ‘Joe Bloggs’ suddenly discovered them online. After years of work, their product was used or acknowledged by someone bigger and far more media powerful than them. And it probably happened in a shop, or at a bar or an event, not thanks to social media uploads. Because those aren’t real products.

Social media buttons

Social media should be used as an added tool to a company’s success, not how you get your lucky break. Use it as an enhancement, not as your sole outlet otherwise you are going  to hit stumbling blocks instantly.

You’ve probably read recently how good old fashioned face to face networking is the way to go. Well it’s true. The ONLY time I get social media spikes are after I have met people at events, photoshoots and networking meetings.

The problem is that I am a lousy face to face networker. Like many of my creative brethren I am a wall flower. I am the kind of creative who likes to hideaway in the studio making things. But every time I do face to face contact I am reminded that it is far more effective than hiding behind a keyboard or a camera.

So bite the bullet, get out there. Attend events. Arrange networking meetings. Be a real living entity, not the words beneath an avatar.


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3 responses to “You Risk Killing Your Business With Social Media

  1. I’m trying hard not to get too caught up in the social media thing, depending on ‘likes’ and so on. Having struggled (and failed) to maintain a blog (which got very few likes when posted on my Facebook page and reached just a tiny percentage of my followers), I’m still using Facebook as my primary social media outlet. I can’t get on with Twitter, and I’m not over-enthralled with Instagram either.
    Thankfully I have a day job that enables me to continue my photography as a hobby, rather than relying on it for income

    • The problem is the way social media ‘allows’ your stuff to get seen. No matter how hard you try if Facebook is skewing your viewing figures because it wants you to buy ads you haven’t got a hope of being seen. I write because I love to write and if I don’t get some of this stuff out I’d burst. I don’t consider my viewing figures very good. But I blame that on algorithms!

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