Adventures In Upcycling

There are three things in this world I really hate. Denim, very tight clothing and builders bum. Put them all together and what have you got? Jeggings!

I tried to buy into the jeggings craze four times. So now I have four pairs that I refuse to wear. They’ve been languishing on a hanger for at least a year but I’m not going to throw them away because somewhere in the world someone suffered appalling working conditions to make them.


Maybe I don’t want to see your builders bum (source)

As a result they’ve been on my to do project list for a long long time. Now, because some of my other leggings are literally falling apart, and because I’m boycotting fashion purchases in 2016, I have finally got started on my wardrobe revamp.

There are two ways you can deal with letting out tight, uncomfortable leggings like this. Panels on the outside or the really lazy way – a panel that runs right up the inside. I like the second way since everyone else does the first one. It also gives them a sporty, horsey jodphur look which sets them apart.

For my first pair I went for a matching coloured non-stretch cotton fabric. Now that I know this method works, my next pair will feature a constrasting colour. Like racing stripes. Which is so not me, but will work.

This took me an hour. It’s simply a case of unpicking or cutting the seam that runs up one inside leg and down the other and attaching a strip of fabric all the way along the full length. All you need – apart from your sewing skills – is an overlocker (if you have one) and a sewing machine. Or for the price of a pair of mid range leggings you can get me to do them for you. Spot on!

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