How Am I Doing? April 2016

Today Facebook reminded me that it was four years ago today that I was accepted onto the Enterprise Scheme in Lincoln. This means that in just a couple of months my business will be celebrating another birthday. It has gone so fast. And so much has changed in that time. And yet Falcieri Designs is still here, making its mark.

And so we say farewell to April. The months are flying by! And I’m not the only one who has noticed. But spring is here. The weather in the cold North West is improving (slowly) all the time and I’m thankful for that! Life is good. Everything is creative and shiny!

It’s been a busy and varied month on all fronts. Six shoots completed as far away as Helsinki and several events attended including Fashion Revolution Day and Fresh Off The Runway.

Apologies for the gaps in the image samples below. Some are awaiting editorial release, a few are still being edited. I will post updates as the results come through. But for now, please enjoy what I have attached below.


Photography: JTulinemi
Models: Kriselda Mustonen & Saana K (several separate shoots)
Designer: Falcieri Designs



Photography: JLH Photography
HMUA: Emma Yih
Stylist & Creative Director: LKM Style
Model: Priva Sivanesan
Designer: Falcieri Designs


Photography: Gary Clutterbuck Photography
HMUA: Louise Shepherd MUA
Designer/Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Model: Magdalena Perlinska
Retoucher: Yurii (Rinzler Dark)

Studio: Gavin Prest and Kiss Studios, Hull


Photography: CJ Withington
HMUA: Harriet Jarvis / Spires for Sassoon
Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Model: Miszk
Designer: Falcieri Designs


Photography: Liv Free
HMUA: Liv Free
Headdress: Liv Free
Model: Liv Free
Designer: Falcieri Designs


Photography: David Edwards
Hair & MUA: Zoë Campbell on behalf of Antonia Sotiropoulos Mensah’s Icon Pro Creatives
Model: Stacey Mellin
Designer / Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Location: 30 James Street, Liverpool



Surreal Beauty April 2016

Photographer: Gary Clutterbuck Photography
MUA: Make-over magic by Louise Shepherd
Hair stylist: Aaron Best
Styling: Falcieri Designs
Designer: Linda Friesen
Cherry the Fox thanks to: Reptile Life
Retoucher: Big Bad Red

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at

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