How To Beat Fast Fashion At It’s Own Game…If You Want To

One day this week I finally dispensed with my winter coat. It’s always a momentous occasion when that happens. It means Spring really is on its way.

9327849_R_Z001A_UC959831It’s about this time that my thoughts turn to wardrobe rotation. You see, as a person of limited space, swapping between winter and summer wardrobes is an essential part of household management.

Actually it’s also a great exercise if you’ve fallen for the fast fashion ethos and you want to stop spending your money on terrible clothing. It’s like the capsule wardrobe with two seasons.

As I rifled through my storage bags I was reminded of all the fun clothes from last summer I had quite literally forgotten all about.

In just a couple of months I’ll be wearing it all again and all the winter jumpers and chunky cardigans can go back in the bags until late autumn. I’ve replenished my wardrobe without having to spend a penny. And voila! I rediscovered maxi dresses, jump suits, gladiator sandals and clever crochet layering.

Now I just need to wait for the weather to warm up a few more degrees.

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