The Small Business Catwalk Challenge

Whatever your reason for running an online shop, giving customers that all important ‘touch and feel’ experience is impossible to achieve without other outlets.

The convenience of the internet tantalises shoppers but often not enough to risk a purchase. The accessibility of shopping from your sofa can cause as many problems as it solves.


There are several options for the small designer without a real space – the popup shop, filling a space in an established shop and the catwalk. For me the catwalk is the next tick box I need to fill. But when budgets are tight these are difficult events to launch. Organisers can charge up to £1000 to include you as part of a glitsy runway show but there’s no guarantee of sales or that you will even balance the books at the end of the night.

I’ve been looking into setting up small events in existing spaces where several designers who can’t stretch to bricks and mortar can band together to create a show in an existing space with the help of the existing users – ie a bar or restaurant. No one organiser is taking on these smaller shows. Finding venues that benefit everyone without parting with hire fees is an added challenge.

But it’s very achieveable. I have organised similar events in the past and they are incredibly successful. By keeping such shows small and accessible you break the boundaries between you and your customers and create that all important buying environment.

A germ of an event has already begun. And I would love for you to watch this space or message me if you think you can help.

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