Creative Inspiration On The Catwalk…

I have to be honest, I am usually less inspired and more frustrated by Fashion Week. That end of the industry really isn’t me. I find it largely pretentious and self congratulatory. I don’t get all the back slapping and desire for material things. And I sometimes don’t see the practical application of the collections.



I get that runway shows serve as the palette for everyone else from the high street to me. But they must be selling these garments. How else does a label stay in business?

That aside I have found some serious inspiration this year which has sparked some new collection themes. And I am genuinely excited about what’s on offer.



Jonathan Simkhai has fallen into this category as has Vionnet, Theory, Halston Heritage and RR331. I’m really happy about this because you cannot design in a bubble. For all that you hear about copywriting designs, you are inspired by the work around you. It’s unavoidable.

It might be the cut of a sleeve or a colour palette. It might be a whole myriad of small details that help to create your next flow of inspiration. I’ve saved all my best pieces to Pinterest (the fountain of all inspiration). Many of them are only there for tiny elements of the garment but often that’s all you need as an initial starting point.



March signals a busy time for me, with 7 shoots already planned. They all need garments and so mini collections abound for those that require new looks.

Working under pressure and to deadline is good for me. I don’t have too many deadlines so they represent doable challenges and I love it when they’ve been achieved and I then get a few days to potter around the studio, perusing the next set of Fashion Week runway shows.

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