How Am I Doing – February 2016

February has been a funny month. For various reasons a couple of shoots were postponed and after the flurry of January it seems to have been less busy in general. But maybe that’s because most of this month haven’t been spent doing a 9-5 in an office. I do kind of miss it.

I’ve been concentrating hard on the social media/PR aspect of my business. Analytics websites have helped to ensure I’m going in the right direction with regards to site traffic. The fashion weeks have given plenty of opportunity for inspiration and reposting which has given me plenty to do in the studio.

Despite the loss of a couple of shoots, there are still four in the can. I await images from two of these and I will update this posting as and when they come through. Sadly there are no publications this month (I was getting used to those!) but I hear there are more on the way! Enjoy.


Photographer: Laura Jane Photography
Model: Jaimee Rae
MUA: Channelle Lai
Designer: Falcieri Designs


Photography: Tessa Kerrs
Designer: Falcieri Designs
Model: Courtneyh235
MUA: Aimee Chorley
Hairstylist: Hettihen1980


Photographer: James Hall Photography
Model: TillieModel
MUA: Adele Coxon
Designer: Falcieri Designs


Photographer: J Tuliniemi – images to follow

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at

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