New Year Resolution – The Social Media Uphill Struggle


I am still trying to get on top of social media as a sales strategy. Currently I am concentrating on Twitter, Instagram and Etsy as my sales and marketing platforms with bounce backs to my website.

unnamedI’ve joined Google Console (to partner Analytics) and now I’m trying to increase my Twitter presence and using Twitter Analytics to make sure I’m not slipping behind. It’s something I’ve been putting off for ages and it does require some pretty intense admin to keep up with.

unnamedAccording to this article you’re supposed to tweet up to three times a day. This is actually really hard work. Thankfully Twitter lets you draft tweets so I’m banking up as many as I can when I’m in the mood and publishing a selection at the appropriate times. I wish I could do the same thing with Instagram!

As well as this, there’s the problem of what time to post. Get it wrong and you’re going to miss your audience entirely. Currently I use this to remind me:

TimingIsEverything-e1415119415643So, posting on Twitter three times per day has to be done between 8am and 8pm. I do Instagram at about the same time, but also later into the night. Etsy just happens when it happens.

I’ve been doing it for about two weeks now and there’s definitely an increase in traffic. I’ve also boosted my Facebook page followers – I presume thanks to Twitter and some recent collaborations.

On top of all this you have to use your hashtags wisely. I’ve started using to help me get to grips with what users are typing to find the products they want. It’s a minefield. I could employ someone full time to do this for me. It truly never ends. And even when you’ve got it right, you still have to maintain, modify and analyze your progress.

There are certain  things I don’t want to try like pay for advertising or have a sale. I have heard very mixed reviews on paid advertising and sales only serves to encourage shoppers to buy when your products are too cheap for you to actually make any profit. Then you run the risk of people expecting your prices to be lower all the time and you’ll never sell a full price product again. Think about how you buy? If you get something in a sale, are you likely to go back when it’s three times more expensive or are you going to wait until the next sale?

This is an ongoing experiment which deserves some serious time investment and it’s something that I can fit into regular day to day life. People say this is the way to promote and sell. So I’m giving it a try but if I’m honest, it feels like a thankless task.

More updates in a month on this, if I last that long!


5 responses to “New Year Resolution – The Social Media Uphill Struggle

  1. Reblogged this on iPlanner and Company and commented:
    I have been doing some research on using Social Media for my upcoming book, and found this post very interesting. Using Social Media is so very important, but it’s more than just scheduling posts, you need to be engaging your audience. Visit the blogs you follow, share their content, retweet their posts, share their posts on your social media.

    I am also going to be giving away a free E-book on Social Media (a chapter from my upcoming book). Keep watching for updates of when that will be happening.

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