Ideas in 2016

At  the end of 2015 I began putting together a number of Pinterest albums to get a handle on the ideas I want to explore in 2016. Pinterest has been a moodboard and ideas tool of mine for some time, but now I’m actively using it to advertise shoot themes to inspire collaborators.

Design wise I already have a huge hit list of things I want to try and styles I want to continue exploring. However, with the photoshoot work I want to push my designs to their limits to see how they work in different scenarios. Pose, lighting and movement have always been my obsessions and I’m lucky to have been able to achieve some of this with some great photographers and models over the past few years.

But people as good as this are hard to find and models this good are, in my experience, rarely available for TF. So largely I have come in on the back end of other people’s shoot plans and less experienced people who want to work on their portfolios. Which is fine. Because often you are surprised at just what people can achieve. Because I go along armed with ideas there is usually plenty of opportunity to experiment.


Lighting can be an incredibly effective tool. I want to experiment with coloured lighting, shine and shadow like this.


Movement and passion are incredibly important in a models portfolio and essential to convey a designers message and demonstrate the versatility of their product. But rarely do you see it. Cheesey hand on hip poses are rife and predictable. Finding someone who has that natural ability to create energy in front of the camera is a beautiful and inspiring thing.


I am obsessed by tall models. Most of my gowns are made for 5ft 10ins plus, purely for ease of rehemming for customers. However working with extreme height opens up all sorts of possibilities in the studio and it’s not a difficult effect to achieve.


I love working with colour – perhaps because so many of my creations are neutral tones. Colour pops balanced correctly are seriously effective. Sometimes it’s something as simple as the backdrop. Sometimes weird props, as here, are all it needs.

To date I have opened 14 albums on Pinterest that focus on different ideas and themes or collections that need further exploration.

On top of that I have 10 secret model boards – women I want to work with so far this year, around which I will build themes and ideas and find the right photographers for.

To me this is the best way to organise the jumbled mass of wants in my head. They are often inspiring and detailed enough to reel in my hoped for teams. And then they come to life.

Pinterest daily throws new ideas at me in its feed and I often get backlogged with inspiration!  You can’t shoot everything but you can bank ideas because you will always come back to them.

I can’t always find the people I want to work with, so these boards are my shout out to talented individuals who want to try these ideas or push themselves to new limits. And of course I am always looking for those new collaborators.


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