New Year Resolution


My key word for 2016 is networking. It’s an important element for any brand’s success and something I need to nail down.


Unfortunately the pressure is on, and short term I’ve had to go back to work full time to take the sting out of 2015. It means there won’t be much time for the business but I’m hoping once I’ve got used to the 9-5 routine and working evenings and weekends at the studio becomes normality, things will start to fall into place. Gradually I hope to be able to replace office work with design work once again.

My main realisation in 2015 was that social media is largely ineffective on its own as the main way to run an online business. Nobody is listening. There are too many pictures of people’s pets, their dinner, their faces. Customers find it hard to interact with your product if it’s always on the end of a tweet.


There are too many people using the same hashtags. You won’t be heard amongst the masses. If you post something that needs a response, you probably won’t get one.

Nobody can see you because your newsfeed is full of updates from Buzzfeed, inspirational memes and stuff designed to make people’s lives look far more interesting and successful than they really are. Also the tit-for-tat of follows for follows is incredibly unhelpful.


It’s time to go back to the old ways when people used to meet face to face, to talk to flesh and blood and have real conversations. To stop this ridiculous virtual nonsense that is making us so dissatisfied with our lives.

When you are a small business it’s particularly draining. Everyone else looks like they are so successful online. Their social lives look amazing. They always seem to be doing so well, selling stock and look at all those bookings and amazing product parties! Well no actually. The bookings are TF, that sale was 3 months ago and that amazing party was actually at their mum’s 60th. It’s mostly fake.


I read a discussion the other day about getting yourself seen. Someone suggested putting trending hashtags into posts such as Star Wars or Syria. To me it seems a bit dishonest since if I post up an update to my online shop and include #starwars, people are going to get an irrelevant result. However, not a one to miss a social experiment I gave it a go because I can see how it might find you new customers.


Using trending hashtags certainly makes a difference to your impressions.  Since Iconosquare started charging for its app I’ve moved over to Twitter Analytics for my data.

You could definitely see that more people clicked on the tweet even though there was no engagement. #Syriavote was the highest. But #handmadehour, #rhianna and tweets which engaged with popular people I have worked with such as studios and models were high ranking. #starwarstheforeceawakens wasn’t that popular.  But is this even a constructive way to get your name about? It seems like a pretty vacant way to get traffic that’s unlikely to make a return visit.

This and many other ideas I will be trying out in 2016. But for now, it’s back to the day job. And let’s face it, that could be the perfect way to start my networking campaign.



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