The Team Selfie – Who Are You?

I got a rather snotty comment on the feed of one of my profiles the other day because I had posted a team selfie from my last shoot of 2015. This image.


I guess if you’re not used to working in a team, or don’t care, then it doesn’t matter. But team selfies, in my mind, have a place in my work.

For those of us who are behind the scenes but very integral to the resulting images (hairstylists, MUAs, stylists, designers and photographers) this might be the only opportunity you have to show you were really there.


It might be your only chance to connect with future clients, to show that you are a team player, a nice person, that you are a valuable member of a production process and worth booking. I get told off for being too ‘incognito’ behind my brand name. So these are useful additions to what I do. And people like them.


Team selfies don’t come up very often and whilst I loathe having my photo taken (there’s nothing worse than being short and a bit wide and being photographed next to a svelt 6ft goddess)  I find it less daunting than a formal image. You can be silly, show your personality, a less polished version of the serious task of shooting high end fashion images.



It’s the wind down at the end of the day and for some of us it might be the only people pictures we have. I don’t take selfies. So these are lovely additions to my year of memories in the work place.

And that’s why I don’t mind them. They are a good demonstration of team work, being human. And I like them.

untitled shoot-151214- 83-2


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