Why You Should Invest In Emerging Designers

My business was set up as a response to fast fashion imported to the UK. It was created as an alternative for women who wanted to know where their clothing came from, were concerned about the supply chain and didn’t want to appear at any event and see someone else wearing the same outfit.


Photography: Agatha Toma Photography Model: Millie Hark MUA: Zara-joey Wright Designer: Falcieri Designs Jewellery: Jacq Brill Jewellery Studio: Studio Bee

Most of my garments are one offs and can be customised for the perfect fit. That is a service only I and similar businesses can provide. It’s a very special service and it is there to allow the customer to feel unique and confident about the clothes they wear.

There used to be a certain level of pride about finding that designer noone else had heard of yet and getting a garment noone else had ever seen. There is nothing worse than seeing someone else wearing the same outfit you pained over for weeks. And yet that is what high street fashion has become about – looking like everyone else.

The only way to avoid it is to keep a hold of your old clothes for years, or find a designer noone else has discovered yet. These are investment purchases. They cost more, but you get more out of them. And they are worth every penny. It’s like buying a work of art that is 1/1.

Photographer: Petermark Model: Emily Haynes MUA & Hairstylist: MeghanBaxterMUA Designer: Falcieri Designs Stylist: Falcieri Designs Studio: Pumpkin Studios

I connect with customers who are looking for occasional investment pieces, safe in the knowledge they won’t see anyone else wearing it. And I pride myself on knowing that when I make something noone else is making it. Quality matters.

Individuality matters. It was what fashion was once about. And it’s time we got that back again.

These customers are not the sort of people shopping on the high street. Whilst prom dress companies are careful to ensure that no two customers get the same dress, there are literally thousands of any one design in circulation at any one time. You won’t get this with me, on my label.

And that’s why it’s special. And why customers are special. And it’s why I am in the fashion design industry.


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