Etsy Had This Great Idea

And in response I opened up my own online shop. Here it is. The thing is, Etsy doesn’t have the same idea of handmade as the rest of us. It’s restrictions are far more loose. In the same way that our idea for ‘free range eggs’ might be very different to a supermarket’s.

It should be about individuals and small businesses with transparent supply chains and manufacturing procedures, selling and maintaining their own wares.

And now that it’s introducing non makers to makers and then letting the non makers open shops, I’ve lost heart in the whole ethos of the company. It does not follow the same beliefs or the same rules as me and thousands of other small businesses.

I don’t want to be there just to help Etsy make money. They should be there to help small businesses. And that just isn’t happening anymore. Bigger, bulk production companies who can undercut us all are getting a big chunk of the action. And it won’t be long before it becomes just another eBay.

Etsy’s ability to manipulate search results is also worrying. Articles like this are worth reading if you value your seller shop. Having looked at the hits so far on my website since I started my shop, it’s definitely an improvement on Etsy.

Having your own shop gives you more control over how and when it is seen. If you sell your own product it’s vital that you run a shop that you are in control of, something that has your identity on it, not that of a big firm taking money from you and suppressing your scope to make money.

Setting up a website isn’t difficult. Many have inbuilt shops which make it easy to find a usable and manageable format.  Social media is there to promote you and if you have customers already, start there.

You don’t need to hide behind the ‘values’ of a big firm to sell your goods. And in a day and age where it’s all about profits, keeping as much of that for yourself as possible is key to survival.

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