The High Street Disappointment

That’s it. I have snapped. No more!

I have officially given up shopping on the high street. Nothing in my price bracket is worth the money. Quality is getting worse and worse. Ranges are getting slimmer in both size and variety. And clothes are getting plainer and more predictable every season.

I am officially now making my own clothes, shopping on Etsy for handmade and buying vintage pieces. If that isn’t an advertisement for my own product and my support of our homegrown talent I don’t know what is!

What amazes me is that there are so many people out there fueling this shoddy workmanship. I suppose as a designer I see things in a different way. I notice the details. But even to the layman you must notice if your clothes only last a few wears or your synthetic knit jumpers start to pill after a few washes.

Of course, I say this as a passionate user and seller on Etsy who sees small businesses trying to survive and producing better products at a time when the high street is churning out tons of poor quality clothing made abroad. I also say this as someone watching the news and seeing the last scraps of our UK industry being eaten away by cheap foreign imports made with underpaid labour and inferior materials.

And I can’t see where it’s all going to stop.

What I do know, is that I no longer wish to be a part of it. I have reached my breaking point. I want my clothes to last longer than a seasonal change. More than anything I don’t want to be worrying about how something came to be on a hanger. Because I know how long it takes to make something. So I know that high street labour is slave labour. If it isn’t, explain to me how you got your £3 pair of jeggings?

And I am so fed up of looking like everyone else on the high street!

Use your imagination. Make a difference.


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