After Etsy – What Next?

Etsy hasn’t been sticking by its remit. And that presents problems. Etsy is (or should I say was) supposed to be the home of handmade and vintage. But more and more it seems to be filled with mass production garments, made cheaply in the kinds of factories used by Primark and everyone else on the high street. It may be that genuine handmade creatives and Etsy have different ideas of what ‘handmade’ is.

By definition anything made by the hands of a human being IS handmade. But made in a factory on a production line by a number of semi skilled seamstresses and machine operators is not my idea of handmade. That’s a factory production line. You can buy that stuff literally ANYWHERE.

Etsy is fast losing its appeal and genuine sellers are already looking for new sales platforms since mass production started undermining those who just can’t compete against factory produced items at rock bottom prices.

It’s a gripe that’s rife in Etsy’s forums (a great place to get perspective from other sellers) yet nothing seems to be happening about brands who clearly shouldn’t be selling under the website’s banner. Genuine sellers seem to be resigned to the realisation that Etsy goes where the money is and if mass production brings in mass listings then it’s happy to take the money. At least, there certainly doesn’t seem to be any sign of these shops being closed down.

Etsy is supposed to be the ‘be-all-and-end-all’ international platform to help small businesses take the hassle out of setting up shops on websites and implementing complicated shopping carts and checkout options. It’s a one stop shop where buyers and sellers can gather together for one reason. Handmade products.

For me it was a simple step away from Ebay which killed itself years ago with high listing and final fee costs and ridiculous postage option procedures. But Etsy is becoming just another version of Ebay and cashing in on a market that many small businesses try to keep at arms length.

I wait with anticipation for whoever steps into Etsy’s shoes and takes on the mantle of being a genuine online small business sales site.

Handmade At Amazon is the one everyone is talking about at the moment and I wait with interest to see what happens. It’s still very much in its infancy. But as Amazon already covers mass production markets, their handmade section should stay pure, at least for now.

There is a strong worldwide community for handmade and vintage worldwide. However, is it enough to stop a website getting greedy about costs? I’m not sure. Everything costs money and I personally would welcome a small increase in listing fees on Etsy if it would clean up the sellers who don’t come under the website’s original umbrella.

To see where I’m at with Etsy drop into my shop here:


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