How Many Portfolios Is Too Many?

I have been registered with, and deleted myself from, a number of online portfolio sites over the years. Some of them were new start up sites that never seemed to get off the ground. Others were plagued by hobbyists who simply didn’t want to pay an industry professional.

Some sites just don’t get enough traffic to make them worth the updates. Model Mayhem is the most recent casualty in my book. It should be so much more. Apart from using the usual social media sites and my website for image and credit updates I try to keep the number of online portfolios I use to a minimum and to the ones that are likely to get me paid work and professional industry contacts.

I’ve just this week joined two new sites Portfora and The Freelancer Club. I always give new sites a fair test and of course it’s important to make sure you are everywhere you might be seen by the right people. After all I am running a business. Finding paid work is very important.

Purpleport is still my site of choice. I get most of my work there, the interaction with other professionals is very good and it’s a very usable site for finding people to collaborate with. And you can of course filter it down to the essentials.

For me, a portfolio site has to have several things – active casting opportunities, a lot of members and people who understand the importance of paying professionals for their service. I appreciate not everyone pays, and some of the TF work I have done has been my best work, but the hard cold truth is that I can’t give my landlord a bunch of amazing photos in lieu of rent. And unlike many other people in this industry I took the chance of turning my hobby into a full time job. No matter how high up you are, the odd freebie is a part of life.

But are there better portfolio websites out there? There are so many to choose from, where do you start? What sites do you use and why? Am I missing something? Where do you think I should be advertising myself? And are paid subscription sites better than free ones?


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