Do I Represent My Trade?

As a designer, every time I go shopping on the high street I feel guilty. Because I see all the things that are wrong about mass produced clothing and because I dislike looking like everyone else.

Sadly my pocket doesn’t stretch to a higher budget and time and effort mean I don’t always want to, or am able to, make my own clothes. Altering and adjusting are inevitable with off the rail purchases though.

As a result I have become very self conscious that I don’t dress like a designer. It’s something that’s bugged me for quite a while. I am a lazy dresser. I dress for comfort and for warmth. Winter is a great excuse for not making an effort. But now it’s spring and to help me focus more I have joined the selfie brigade.

I don’t take pictures of myself as a general rule. I think it is sad and self absorbing but equally by doing it, it is making me more self critical and more self aware of how I dress. It’s making me take more time to dress consciously because every day I take that selfie I have to justify why I look like I do. I am not a vain person by any stretch of the imagination. I think of this as a new way of thinking.

Instagram has been the thing that has changed this. Bored of always posting work images I am trying to put a little more of me into my business posts, so that people can relate to me as the brand rather than just a label or a finished photoshoot featuring everyone else.

If people want brand they shop on the high street. If they are following you on social media it’s because of the personae behind it. But I am reserving it for Instagram only. At least for now. I have my blog but again, it’s very short on ‘me’.

So here’s more me. And though I cringe at these images, I will persevere.


Making shapes (kind of)

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