Teaching with a disability – Part 1

Most Deaf Music

In 2012, I moved into teaching in the further education sector. Perhaps “stumbled” is the more correct term. Either way, it forced me to face new challenges related to my disability that I previously hadn’t considered, along with a few fears. So what were they and how did I cope?

“Why do you wear hearing aids?”

In nearly three academic years, dozens of classes and hundreds of students, I’ve only heard this question about 4 times.

Shortly before my first term, I’d taken the bold step of having the last remnants of my long hair cut. I’ll cover the importance of this in a future post but, for now, consider this: I started growing my hair in tandem with my awkward, self-conscious teenage years and had grown used to having my ears hidden. Suddenly, I would be facing a roomful of judgemental young minds with my worst anxieties exposed. I hadn’t thought…

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