How To Style Art Nude

Styling for art nude isn’t something I often get involved in. Generally it happens if a nude theme has been tagged on to the end of a fashion shoot and there’s time for an extra set. But largely I am just there as a helping hand. Done well, nude is a beautiful subject and it’s something I do like adding to my portfolio.

I consider myself open minded and easy going with regards to nudity so it’s never a problem for me if a photographer wants me to come in as a stylist. But trying to find a way of doing it differently, or just a little bit better, is always a challenge. There is a lot of good art nude photography out there, so being spotted amongst all the other images is a hard task.

A few weeks ago I was shooting fashion with Richard Maxim, Amy Prifti and Faith Obae at LovePhoto Studio in Newmarket. One of the big pluses of this studio is its mezzanine level with an open platform for shooting down to the ground.

And this was my take on trying something a bit new (for me anyway). I went armed with long lengths of fabric and the idea that Faith would model lying down. Art nude in truly free form is best done removing any hindrances from the model. In other words if you can remove balance and weight issues your model can pose to their hearts content without any barriers. It’s as if they are floating in water, but without the technical problems of water and everything that goes along with it.

I wanted to add fabric to create some movement and texture and give a less structured background than simply laying the model on a blank floor. Amy’s idea of painting half of Faith’s body in grey added a dimension to her form that I hadn’t expected and which I think adds no end to the shapes she was able to create.

You can see from the images how freeing this style of modelling was and as an experiment I think this has been a very successful project. I’m looking forward to trying it again in a more measured way now that I know what is involved.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful photographs as much as I do.




3 responses to “How To Style Art Nude

  1. Beautiful art nude photography. I too have worked with Faith Obae and it proved a very creative shoot.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I have learned a great deal by working with Joceline Brooke Hamilton, a model with whom I have worked on ten separate occasions.

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