Size 16 Is Normal But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Be It

Oh how the normal size debate rages on. This week I was pointed in the direction of this. In an age where you’re not allowed to discriminate against anyone I am sick of not being able to say what I truly think of this situation so I am just going to say it.

For many of us size 16 is not normal. You should not be using it as a marker point for describing people as ‘real’ in safe health terms. If you do the chances are you are going to be overweight. But if you want to be ‘normal’ and that means being overweight then just go for it. Knock yourself out. Enjoy that BK meal you didn’t really need.

I am at LEAST a stone overweight. I am a dress size 12 but that does not mean I don’t know that I should lose some weight and it does not mean that just because I am below the ‘norm’ that I can keep on eating, not exercising and simply feel like a minority in the population. One day my weight may come back to bite me. I owe it to myself, to the tax payer and to the NHS to look after myself.

If I was a size 16, I’d be at least a stone heavier than I am now, miserable, unhealthy and generally fed up. And I don’t care how ‘accepting’ society apparently is of this norm, I would be unhappy because I would be unfit and I would KNOW I was overweight. Just because something is an average, it does not make it ok. If anything it means we have some fundamental issues that need addressing.

Food in this country is now a past time, not a neccesity for survival. We eat far too much food and normalise our weight gain by comparing ourselves to everyone else in our bracket. Models who are normal healthy weights are targeted as giving unhealthy body images to young girls (I’m excluding the fashion runway issue) but maybe they are the ones who don’t have the problem.

To be a healthy weight at a size 16 you would probably need to be about 7ft tall. Weight is another issue. I am talking about actual dress size. And let’s not forget vanity sizing. What? You don’t know about this well known modern phenomenon which means your size 16 is actually a 24 in the 1980s? It’s because clothing manufacturers have been flattering our ever increasing inches for years in a hope of clinging on to our spending power.

We are so PC these days that we can’t even point out that someone is overweight, even if it is stating an obvious fact. And it’s ridiculous because if we don’t start facing up to our eating habits and our screwed body image issues we really are in trouble. Take pride in your body. If you love your size 16 booty then rock it. But if you’re using it as an excuse to slack off taking care of yourself then you really need to re-address your lifestyle.


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