An Egyptian Queen Brought To Life

I have always been fascinated by the Ancient Egyptians, largely thanks to my mum, who knows pretty much everything there is to know about Egyptology. Several years ago I was inspired to make a Cleopatra themed headdress for a photoshoot but it never happened, the headdress perished and that was the end of that.

Original Egyptian art inspiration for the headdress

Original Egyptian art inspiration for the headdress

But about a month ago, having been booked to shoot with Faith Obae I had it in my mind to try again. In my past, bird wing millinery was one of my specialties and in my last move to Manchester in January I found one pair of pheasant wings which I had never used. I also had some legs and a resin cast of a hawks head. I had everything I needed. A lot of glue, stitching and gold paint later, a final headdress was complete.

Whilst Cleopatra was my main inspiration it became clear I was designing around the theme of a more authentic Egyptian Queen – and my mum has since pointed out that he final images are more like that of Queen Tiye.


An authentic Queen Tiye statue and a romanticized Hollywood version of Cleopatra

1-cleopatra-elizabeth-taylor-1963-everettI had in my mind how the final images would look, based on images I had found, and my desire for an authentic modern version of a ruling Queen without the fancy Hollywood theatricals. The final look came off with ease and I am so incredibly proud of these images. This is probably the last bird wing millinery piece I will do for some time and it’s good to know it was an absolute winner!

Photography: Richard Maxim
Model: Faith Obae
MUA/Hair Stylist: Amy Prifti
Designer: Falcieri Designs
Studio: LovePhoto Studio, Newmarket

Z12a    Z13 X6W15b


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