Settling In

So here we are. Manchester at last. Civilisation. It’s been four weeks exactly since I moved to the city even though it seems like just a fortnight. Moving home took longer and it’s only been just over a week since I found somewhere to live, so settling has been a drawn out affair. But the honeymoon period is now over. I have settled into a routine, the studio is relatively organised and I have started work again.

Now is the time to get used to a stricter working regime (I’m not working from home anymore), build contacts and get selling. The bulk of my shoot bookings have been based around Manchester for a while now so in that respect not much has changed although my booking ratio has gone up significantly since moving. Long distances put people off whether they are paying your travel expenses or not. People will largely look within a certain ratio of where they are based for collaborators.

The first few months are likely to be slow. It’s a painful time financially as you slowly rebuild your clientelle until it’s covering your outgoings again. Thankfully moving coincided with paying off the last of my debts (my car) so I am just down to regular bills now although that does now include a modest outgoing for my studio rent each month.

Relying on my own enthusiasm has been the hardest bit. The upheaval of moving yourself and a business single handed is emotionally as well as physically draining and now I am here I just want a holiday and a chance to gather myself creatively and mentally so I can focus on my direction now that I am finally here.

One of my aims is to start stocking with a retailer I have been promising clothing to since I landed at my last house share in the summer of 2014. The physicality of it mean’t I wasn’t able to do that kind of work but already here in my new studio I have started to produce these garments. The samples are ready and I just need to shoot the sales images.

I need to build my online shop via my website so I can clear my rails of samples and shoot pieces ready for new collections and to recoup some funds. These are all things that take time and again it’s finding that mental energy to get going which is the biggest wedge between me and my aims right now.

Now that the evenings are drawing out and spring is on the way I’m hoping to recharge my batteries. It’s not like I’m not doing any work but I definitely feel like I’m only firing on a couple of cylinders right now!


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