How Am I Doing 10 – 12 Months

This is my last update for the year. The final tally for 2014’s workload includes 25 photoshoots, one catwalk show, approximately 11000 miles and over 100 bridal, prom and evening gown alterations and custom commissions.

It’s also been one whole year of not having to work a second job. This has been a great year. I’ve managed to get experience of new ways of working including several retail environments and I’ve helped out a range of different customers, things that were largely missing from my skillset 12 months ago. It’s given me the confidence to expand and improve my work and product insight into other brands which has helped me develop my own style and direction.

I’ve also managed to build up ongoing working relationships with a number of photographers. And whilst it is good to meet new people, it’s beneficial to be able to return to clients time and again who you can develop a rapor with. It also provides an important lifeline financially.

I’ve also gained and lost studio space but still kept on working. Next year I am moving into my new studio, in a new city and with a more focused agenda. We’re going to up the anti on photoshoots and concentrate on saleable collections and one off designs. I have a list of new design ideas I want to explore which will follow on from this year’s work and I’m just waiting for the space in which to do it.

Below is a quick summary of the shoots I’ve completed this last few months. I can look back over the year, see what I’ve done and where I want to be next.

I am going to make some new year’s resolutions because having direction is important if you don’t want the year to fly by without gaining ground.

So here’s to 2014 and welcome to a new chapter – 2015. 🎄

Matt Sheehan Photography

Midlands Fashion Awards

James Gannon Photography

James Hall Photography

Richard Maxim

Richard Maxim

James Hall Photography


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