We Are Moving!

To me moving is about more than being somewhere new. It’s about identity. This year, though work has been good I’ve become known as ‘the seamstress’ or ‘my dressmaker’. Which jarrs with me.

I was supposed to be a designer. But this year pretty much all I’ve done is work to advance other people’s brands. Better money. Great for others people’s businesses because a skilled seamstress is clearly had to find, but bad for the identity of my brand.

I haven’t designed anything since April. Enough is enough. It’s time to get back the focus of where I was headed.

Over the next couple of months many of my blog posts are going to be about the four week build up to my move and how things go as I settle in to my first major business relocation. The destination? Manchester.

I would love to hear from other creative businesses who have made the leap for the sake of their brand and survived being uprooted. If you didn’t survive, why not? What would you have done differently? Please tell me!


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