Why Losing Isn’t Losing (If You Know How To Play The Game)

Nobody wants to lose. In fashion, winning is everything if you choose to stick your neck out at that end of the industry. It gets you attention and that will get you buyers. But there can only be one winner and sometimes we are perplexed by the ones that get picked. Losing is always hard even if for only one fleeting moment you question your career path.

But any fashion show is a chance to stand out in the long run and you have to work it and harness the attention. The publicity from any well attended showcase can be the making of a brand. And you have to run with it because attention gets you fans, customers and retailers and if you want to make it in any industry, sales are all important.

Last Friday saw my first proper fashion catwalk in Birmingham at the Midlands Fashion Awards 2014. Being a finalist at this level is an accolade for any new designer so none of us there that night actually lost. And you never know who is watching from those rows of audience seats.

Twitter, of course, is your friend. Acknowledge the comments, photos taken and shared instantaneously, and use it to promote yourself and allow others to help you along that path. Never under estimate the power of the Tweeter! You will get attention from buyers, stylists, critics and photographers.

Once the event is over, keep up the momentum. Collaborate, shoot, take commissions and do more shows! And enjoy the buzz you’ll get from knowing people love your work.


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