How Am I Doing – 7 -9 Months

So here we are again – my three monthly check in. I am now also three months into my third year and more than half way through 2014. Where is the year going?

Work has been ticking along very nicely and at last I am not worrying about money quite as much. I put most of this down, not to my success as a designer, but to my ability to latch on to the successes of other retailers who are doing well and offering them a valuable service.

I freelance for several brands locally doing customer alterations, upcycling and designing so I am utilising all my skills. As myself I am also styling for a nice variety of shoots, designing for my own collections and taking on private design projects for clients. Above all I have a good range and no two days are the same. And this is how I like it.

Most importantly at this stage, it’s paying all the bills. I am thankful to still be in the business despite downsizing my studio. Ironically since I moved and space became an issue, work is up. But I’ve got used to it. Studio space at the moment is just one more bill to pay. I’m happy to hold off and as there is no decent studio provision in Lincoln anyway I don’t have too many options. I can work around it.

In just over two weeks my collection will be on the catwalk at the Midlands Fashion Awards in Birmingham. Pieces are beginning to sell and they have done their round of photoshoots. I am now starting to expand the collectIon as and when time allows. The paying work for other brands now means I can design how I want to, at leisure without the pressure of income. At least I now no longer need to worry about looking for temporary office work to cover the short fall.

Shoot wise, there have been less but they are paying well. And I’m happy with that. I’m really pleased with these images. The quality and variety is perfect for my portfolio.

The next time I update we’ll be in 2015. Who knows where I’ll be. Watch this space!

Copyright: Follyhouse Photography

Copyright: Follyhouse Photography

Copyright: Restrained Elegance

Copyright: Restrained Elegance

Copyright: Lysander

Copyright: Lysander

Copyright: Matt Sheehan Photography

Copyright: Matt Sheehan Photography



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