Finding Your Style, Defining Your Brand

I read a blog entry by a fellow creative the other day, about finding your style and it got me thinking as to how much my design style has changed since I started my business two and a half years ago.

In the early days I wanted to do everything. I come from a very structured design background in tailored historical costume. Moving into fashion meant there were no longer any rules and restrictions I had to follow and for the first few years after my transition into fashion it was a difficult concept to get a grasp of.

It’s only really been this year that I feel like I have found my style. And it’s quite far away from tailoring.

It’s this style that I am taking with me to the Midlands Fashion Awards in Birmingham in October. It has a lot of mileage and there are many ways in which I want to explore this as I move forward after October.

I have a fetish for soft, draping, stretchy, crease free fabrics – anything that clings and hangs in swags around the body with ease. These are not fabrics for tailoring. Better than that they require very little seaming to make them fit perfectly in all the right places and many of them don’t require hemming which can ruin the hang of a gentle fabric.

These might sound like lazy options but structured tailoring isn’t always the sign of effort or creativity and I certainly don’t feel comfortable in restrictive clothing. Even the thought of putting on a suit jacket has me writhing in discomfort. Comfort and couture don’t necessarily go together but it’s certainly glamorous, edgy and flattering on any female form.

Taking these garments to Birmingham represents an important step since this clothing is the new face of my brand. All my pieces are unique, individual one of pieces. Everyone who buys one gets something especially for them. And that’s what I love about the way I work. You are wearing my art.


Copyright: Restrained Elegance


Copyright: Daniel Ilenkiw


Copyright: Rob Gardner


Copyright: Lysander


Copyright: Gavin Kemp


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