Shooting Fetish With Fashion In Mind

I have been waiting to shoot a classy fetish set for a while. Pornography isn’t my thing. But I think there can be a certain level of taste to fetish and nudity themed shoots provided the subject is handled correctly.

I am not a prude. I have no issue with nudity as an expression of art or creativity and in that sense the combination of fashion, creativity and nudity, and therefore in some cases sexuality, is not a ‘no-no’ for me provided it has context.

I have worked with plenty of models who won’t even let me dress them let alone shoot to implied nude, and I have also styled for photographers who have no interest in shooting to those levels. And that’s fine by me. Everyone’s art is their own interpretation.


Ariel Anderssen modelling for Restrained Elegance

But sexuality has been a part of fashion forever. Fashion is designed with attraction and sexuality in mind. A cinched waist, a high cut hotpant, a sheer blouse. Anyone who complains that sexuality has no place in fashion only has to look in their own wardrobe for the contradictions. It has been there since day one and it isn’t going to change anytime soon.

And it’s because humans are basically animals, that no matter how we fight the corner against sexualisation in our society, it is always there. And so long as it forms a genuine part of my work I will keep doing it.

My most recent shoot earlier this month, with the wonderful creative team at Restrained Elegance, a membership only website for the more discerning fetishist, concentrates primarily on rope bondage (a skilled art in itself and perfect for the fashion theme) restraints and foot fetish. As I said, I am not a prude. To me these are not bad things. To me they are another expression of sexuality, of art, of the female form, that is no more damaging than anything else you might see in the media.

imageAnita de Bauch modelling for Restrained Elegance

Shooting fetish, for me, has not been a priority but it does add another genre to my list. I do have contacts within the industry and it was only a matter of time before a shoot of that nature came up. Finding a team with integrity however, that avoids the cliches, and provides a good shoot experience that places its, as well as my, product well, is very important and that is exactly what you get at Restrained Elegance.

The rope tying aspects of this set have been inspiring and in keeping with some of my recent design inspiration. It’s something I want to explore further and already have ideas for and will continue to explore as I progress the direction of my current collection.

Every shoot is an inspiration to me. Nothing is ever a waste and simply adds to a portfolio I am very proud of. Would I shoot fetish again? Absolutely. I love the way it blends with my own design themes and style of freestyle drape and twisted plaited fabric finishes, lending a whole new aspect to high fashion themes and edgy design.

imageAriel Anderssen modelling for Restrained Elegance


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