Factory Style

Recently I have been working part time in alterations. But not the kind of alterations I’ve been used to. Now I’m working for someone else’s profit in a factory style environment where you’re expected to churn out a zip replacement or trouser rehem in under 10 minutes.

Staff welfare is low on the list and noone has time for customer service. I’m getting tired of complaints about rude staff and I’ve only completed 5 work days.

At first it made me feel like I wasn’t any good at my job because I was slower and I did things differently. It’s damaged my confidence, like university did. But I’ve realised this is a whole different way of working. Some of the staff here come from a bygone age of factory working where you were paid by the piece.

I’m up against people who can do 30 or 40 alterations a day. I’ve barely make 6 on a good day. And they remind you of it regularly.

But I’ve stopped worrying about it because this is not my world and I’m not trying to hang on to this for long. I’ve never walked out on a job yet but if I make it past my 3 month probation it’ll be a miracle. Life’s too short for jobs that make you miserable. 


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