Bored Of Bodyshaming Memes

I am sick of continuously seeing body shaming memes on my social media feeds. Today it was this one:


This mind numbingly unoriginal statement fails on so many levels. Firstly the whole bunch of myths about Marilyn Monroe. According to her dressmaker she stood at just over 5ft 5in and averaged a 36-23-36. Yes she had a curvy figure but women did then. These days we are taller, fatter, more androgenous. It’s the way we’ve developed thanks to our changes in diet and sedentary lifestyles.

Body modification has been around her centuries. What do you think corsets were for?

Corsets -shaping waists since the 17th century

Corsets -shaping waists since the 17th century

Women used arsenic to bleach their skin because being pale was in vogue. Marilyn Monroe had a nose job back in the 50s.

As for anorexia, well that was recorded as early as 1689.


Anorexia in 1900. Body dysmorphia was a popular female past time.

So stop with the shaming memes. Before you poke accusational fingers at people check your history books.


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