A Cynics Guide To Running Your Own Business – Part 3: Perspective

If there is one thing I’ve noticed as an enterpreneur it’s how upbeat we all seem to be. But isolation as a small business owner is a very real monster. And unless you are a committed social butterfly it will get the better of you to some degree.

If there is one thing most of us take forgranted when we are employees in another company it’s the contact time we have with other human beings. On your own it’s very easy to lose perspective. You may think you haven’t made much progress and you may be starting to wonder whether you made the right decision. But a chat with other enterpreneurs may surprise you or at least you will realise you are facing very common problems.

It is unimaginably important to keep reaffirming contact time with other people, and specifically other enterpreneurs who understand what you are going through. At the very least you are probably in a similar position. Knowing that others are going through the same things as you is essential and comparing stories on money, social life and problems with customers can give you that grounding you need.

It sounds very glamorous telling people you are running your own business but the reality is often far less glitsy. Working harder on your social time is important if you work alone but money issues will make it far harder to fill those gaps in your life.

I don’t have any answers to this one since so far I have failed to get it right. But it is a very real problem that can be very damaging to your success and happiness. I cannot stress how important it is to keep your network open, your friends close to you and your social life protected no matter how financially restricted or busy you are.

There are some great articles out there to remind you of what you need to do including this one from Forbes, which is a good starting point.


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