What’s The Difference Between…

Editorial and TF. Not a lot it seems. With either you could end up never seeing your pictures.

I am getting to the point where accepting TF is becoming far too risky and editorial rarely satisfactory. I have a number of shoots outstanding. Some are straightforward TF, some are editorial. But with both I am often left with nothing to show for my ‘gifted time’. And I am seriously beginning to reconsider whether I give it so freely ever again. Which is a shame because it’s got me a lot of my best work.

The thing is, I am sick of waiting for months and months with no images and huge gaps in my portfolio. Often I use new designs on these shoots. They are advertising and give me the images I need to sell garments on. But invariably I am having to reshoot them AGAIN so I can sell the pieces. These delays cause me financial problems. If I don’t sell the things I make I can’t pay my bills. I don’t have a second job. THIS IS IT.

I don’t want to become a hard business woman who only gets out of bed for hard cash but I am getting sick of being screwed around by photographers who see no urgency in getting images to you or having to wait 6 months on the off chance it might appear virtually in an online glossy which to me doesn’t seem to attract any more attention than putting it on my website or other online portfolio. 

I know not getting images is a bugbear of creative teams. It’s a risky business. If as a photographer you simply don’t have the time to do the decent thing for your hardworking team, then just don’t shoot or pay people for their time so they don’t have to chase you. You having images hiding on your hard drive means bugger all to anyone else and reputations get around. We all have black books which are open for additions.


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