Holiday Season

When you work for someone else, holidays are something to look forward to. You probably get holiday pay and there will be someone else helping things tick over whilst you’re away.

If it’s your own business and it’s only you, you aren’t getting paid, work has to stop and you have to clear any back log before you go. Whilst the break is essential, since running your business is more than a 9 to 5, it comes with its sacrifices and the fear is that you might spend a large part of your break worrying about what’s going on back home.

For me it’s not a holiday unless I’ve switched off everything related to the internet, social media, people I know and the news. A break means a break from everything I know. I don’t understand the need to Facebook whilst on holiday or text home.

To be honest nothing much is likely to occur whilst I’m away. I’m in between commissions, my shoots are at an intermediate stage so they’ll wait a few days and I’ve told everyone I’m away and put on the holiday notifications.

I need to enjoy my breaks, they are few and far between. So being very organised before I go is essential to making the most of my down time.

So I guess what I’m saying is see you in a week!



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