Cut Price Bridal – It’s Not What You Spend That Counts, But What You Do With It

The cost of a wedding has apparently dropped from £20,000 to £15,000 statistics suggest. But even that is out of reach of many couples. On Radio 4 this week listeners were asked to call in with their final bills, some as low as £500. That may be a bit on the restrictive side for many, and £1000 is still an acceptable price to pay for the bridal dress alone.

Whilst many wouldn’t even consider buying a second hand dress, sales of ex-showroom dresses and indeed the lure of the Chinese made to measure market are too much for many bargain hunters to resist.

Once you’ve got them, they probably won’t be a perfect fit and the price paid for a cheap dress is a seamstress who can work their magic to make it into a dream dress.

But the same could be said of the second hand industry. Is there anything wrong with picking up a really good second hand dress for just a few hundred pounds and customising it into a unique piece that no one else will ever own?

Basic adjustments such as altering bustlines and hems may only set you back £40, a custom job – £100 which could mean your ideal gown will still only cost you £400, a modest sum even by today’s standards.

It stands to reason. After all, what happens to all those preloved dresses and bridesmaids outfits? Ebay, dress agencies, charity shops, all are recipients of dresses that will never be worn again by their owners. It’s a growing industry. Sell My Wedding Dress is one such online boutique. And in London Dream Second Hand Wedding Dress is an example of business thriving on the preloved wedding dress industry.

If you have the know how it isn’t difficult to customise any gown. It’s one service I offer and it’s a never ending source of work. I enjoy the challenge and there’s nothing more satisfying than a gown modified and used on such a special day.

For brides it can open up a whole world of possibilities.


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