The Ethics Of Waste Product

Even though I am cured of my hoarding tendancies, I still have issues when it comes to throwing away scrap fabrics after a project is completed. I don’t mean tiny bits but anything over say 10cm square. I’ve had a few choice piece of faux leather, wool and cotton blends in store for a while now but none have been big enough to do much with.

Finally, for whatever reason, last weekend I decided to use them and put together two outfits using a stiff fabric base, covering them creatively with the scraps and sewing them together like a standard garment. I have a whole batch of left over lining fabrics so tidying up the internal mess wasn’t a problem.

I think the results are quite effective. There’s an earthy natural feel to these pieces which I think has only been enhanced by patchworking these fabrics together and leaving the edges raw. I love the frayed effect caused by the woolen weave.

I’m thinking that once a year this could be a really good way to bundle up all the leftovers and turn them into something constructive. I don’t feel guilty about waste and it gives me more space to go on my next fabric spending spree.

In progress.


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