Fashion And Nudity – Where Are All The Bras?

I am a fashion designer. I also have no issue with nudity. But I am constantly asking myself why designers insist on sending models wearing see through tops down the runway without bras.

It’s like a meat market. You want show goers to be looking at your clothes. But what they are actually doing is looking at the girls breasts. Eye candy. Come on, you’ve all done it. How could you not? They’re just, well, there!

The thing is, I don’t know of any woman who would go out wearing a see through top and no bra. In fact many wouldn’t stop at the bra, they’d probably want a cami underneath this as well. It’s about as practical as going to Tescos naked. What, you’ve never done that?

Barbara Casasola A/W 2014 'A Very Confident Outing' (source)

Barbara Casasola A/W 2014 ‘A Very Confident Outing’ (source)

I find it all a little pretentious. They are trying to shock for shock’s sake and I find that insulting to my intelligence. I do not see the point of it. Why not make a really nice range of bras to match the see through tops? That would look like they’d put in so much more effort.

You never see men without their boxers striding down the runway in see through trousers. Now that’s something I would like to see. But of course, that’s not allowed. You see, it doesn’t work the other way round. It’s as if the androgenous nature of our female runway models has to be emphasised by the fact that they do have a cup size worth noticing.

I wonder how the model feels and what kind of example this is setting to our young fashion keen teens and twenty somethings. I’m not adverse to nudity, far from it. And I have written before about the nature of nude models on our fashion runways. But is this really what it’s come down to? It’s an incredibly old gag now. And is it really adding to the designer and their collection?

If there is some deep message in there, someone needs to tell me about it because it’s lost on me.


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