Social Adjustments

I have been making a very conscious effort to change how I use social media. Facebook pages are no longer a good way to publicise yourself. We know this thanks to recent articles about paid advertising and Facebook’s change of stance because of the number of users. Other users who don’t know you’re out there won’t find you like this and even your followers may not see what you’re up to.

I have my Facebook linked to my Twitter and Linkedin accounts but it isn’t enough to get you noticed by the people you need to be aware of you. I’ve noticed a huge drop in likes and responses to posts on my page timeline in recent weeks and I’m beginning to see the holes in Facebook’s usefulness.

According to Model Mayhem and Facebook I am one of only a few clothing designers based in Lincoln and yet I’m getting very few enquiries for commissions. Is this all my fault?

To make Facebook work you need to do more than post updates and images. You have to join groups, tell people you are out there, respond to comments, ‘like’ on other people’s images and status updates and if you have a regular profile as well as a business page post there as well.

Pages are still a good place to put your portfolio but in terms of social media activity there are better ways. Twitter obviously. You can link it to pretty much everything else. Pinterest is where I put all my inspiration, mood boards and snapshots of clothing I have for sale or collections I need shoot teams for. People can see what’s going on in my head and the results of my work which is handy for them.

Linkedin ‘may’ be underrated. I am changing my policy on this and instead of just using it as a CV dumping ground spending more time adding contacts, networking, joining groups and posting status updates. I have yet to be convinced but I have noticed a traffic increase. I am adding pretty much anyone who is industry related.

I am dubious about the effectiveness of portfolio sites such as Model Mayhem and Purpleport, although I do use them to start the ball rolling when I’m looking for new people to work with. I haven’t joined any new portfilio sites.  They all seem much like each other.

Blogs like mine, similarly are a good medium but you have to work on them. Link them everywhere, blog three times a week and reblog othwerc people.

I’ve been consciously working on my social media for a couple of weeks now. I am already seeing more enquiries and now that I am very much actively organising shoots again it’s an effective way of getting my brand out to people I might not necessarily have been able to find myself.


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