End of Line

This year’s work broadly comes under the title ‘End of Line’ and will for the most part be capsule collections and one off concept pieces. My last two shoots in October and December 2013 represented the beginnings of this theme.

The reason is that everything is made from end of line fabrics. With prices as expensive as they are in the UK, getting large supplies of any one fabric (or any quality fabric) is getting increasingly expensive.

Copyright: Adam Deakin Photography

Copyright: Adam Deakin Photography

A supplier I have found can get me off-cuts and small meterage runs for very little. The limitations of what I can get also makes for interesting inspiration. Sometimes I might only have a metre of a particular fabric, sometimes 6 or 7.

Of course this means that the ranges I design are limited in some terms but limitless in their individuality. You can be fairly sure that any garment I have will be a one off and although you might not get the same colour match you’ll be guaranteed something unique.

Copyright: Deborah Selwood

Copyright: Deborah Selwood

This year’s work is really to show off what I can do and to explore my favourite themes of drape and structure. If you’re looking for a bespoke commission this might be the place to get your inspiration or you might see exactly what you want ready made.

Everything I make this year will be for sale. It just depends who gets there first.


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