Mission Statement 2014

This last 12 months have made me rethink my aims for the future. If I want to enjoy what I do I’m going to have to stop thinking about final goals and just enjoy the process.

I’m not enjoying the process as much these days because I’ve been obsessed about keeping up with everyone else and worrying about how much money I’ve been making. It’s making me ruthless about projects, bored of the ‘only create for cash’ mentality and stopped me working with a lot of people. And I’ve had enough of it.

My goal for 2014 is to create images with as many talented people as I possibly can using a whole range of new designs and capsule collections I will be creating throughout the year. I will be concentrating on fashion, concept, styling and editorial.

Because my aim is to build on the results in my portfolio I will be lending my designs in exchange for final images or editorial to people I think are going to be able to add to my portfolio or best show off my work. And of course the feeling has to be mutual.

But because I am lending for ‘free’ the results have to be good quality. The time, effort and expense that goes into producing designs is at least as much as the effort put in by any photographer, model, hairstylist or MUA.

I am therefore looking for mutual consent to work for images or editorial space in return for results that will get us noticed. Whilst it would be great to be paid, I am a designer of less than 2 years trying to boost my company on limited funds and frustrated by the current state of our industry and the economy in general. Refusing TF is harming my brand.

If you want to be paid, I cannot help you. But if your passion for what you do makes you sometimes want to work for a mutual exchange of talents, then drop me a line.

In a world where TF seems to rule I’d rather have quality images in my portfolio than nothing at all. Join me or not. I am open to collaboration and keen to expand my imagination, my knowledge and my experience.


5 responses to “Mission Statement 2014

  1. Hi there,
    I may not be what you are looking for, but I am interested in your offer here. I do note in your blog that you don’t particularly like models with aliases, but I thought I would ask anyway.
    No hard feelings if not! :)

    • I only say that because models who use aliases tend not to be professional models. Pro models trade off the fact they have their own name and aren’t trying to invent a new identity for themselves. Many of those who use invented names tend to be alternative models – not my bag I’m afraid and are often alt because they don’t fit fashion model stats. Generally I work on a UK 8-12 min 5ft 8inch tall model. I’m designing fashion and I need to remain competitive – my more recent work reflects the standard I am aiming for. Much of my work however is commission based and I make to fit any size. I would be interested to see some high fashion on your PP port. I like to see some evidence of ability before organising a shoot with someone. Mostly I’m shooting to showcase my designs or to someone elses spec and if someone fits other genres but can pull off a good fashion set I’ll consider them.

      • I’m a size 14 unfortunately, although I AM 5ft11. If you send me an email address, I can show you some fashion STYLE shots I have done, but I wouldn’t say I am a high fashion model. I would like to try it, but have not really tried high fashion before due to people not wanting to chance on a “plus” size model! But I understand if you would rather not, and like I say, no hard feelings!
        Link to my PP is http://purpleport.com/portfolio/pennydreadful/?referrer=pennydreadful if you haven’t already seen it?

      • Hey. Thanks for your comments. Whilst you don’t have a high fashion look as such your pictures show you can pull off high fashion styles. I’ve fav’d the ones I think work well for you. Often it’s down to the team behind the camera to get your best side and with good photographers who can see what you can’t and a proper stylist you could pull off a really great shoot that gives you that extra edge. Height is definitely on your side so work with that. You have a figure and your height balances out your measurements. If you want to add more fashion to your portfolio concentratecon findingvthe teams that can helpcyou achieve that. Being a 14 is not a hindrence.

      • Thanks for your comments, I’ll go have a nosy at which ones you’ve liked :)
        Well I’d like to work with you if ever an opportunity presented itself! Let me know!
        And thanks again!

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