Pinterest – More Than Just A Pretty Picture

When I joined Pinterest I had no idea what to do with it. But it’s rapidly becoming one of my most important design tools now that I have a tablet. I’m dipping in and out of dozens of internet sites every day and because creatively I never ever switch off, being able to save inspiring images at one touch is very useful.

Increasingly individuals and enterpreneurs are adding themselves to the Pinterest community making it far easier to keep in touch with ideas and tap in to potential work. As far as inspiration is concerned it’s second to none.

I now put all my mood boards together on there, make them public and add people I want to work with as a kind of launch pad for collaboration.

You see, as a designer I work in visuals. I want to see powerful imagery. I want to see creatives who fit my style and attract me because of their visual work. I want to be able to explain the concept of my designs for my photoshoots without complication.

And whilst websites like LinkedIn are useful from a corporate point of view, I am struggling to see its benefit for someone like me. It’s why Facebook is such a useful platform. It’s all pictures, links and updates.

Even if you are not a Pinterest user as such, as a way of communicating concepts to teams it’s a perfect platform. Join it, join me and you’ll see what I mean.



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