New Year Resolutions

What are your business plans for 2014? Time to step up a gear? Increase profitability? Relocate? Maybe you’re looking for a whole new direction.

I haven’t made a resolution for a while, but I think setting up some business goals for the year ahead can only be a good way to stay focused and motivated in light of how 2013 has panned out.

I am bored of not getting enough photoshoot work (the advertisement for my product) because everyone either wants paying, or doesn’t want to pay. Shoots are one of the most inspiring things I do and not having many has really impacted on my work. So I am writing a mission statement for 2014 which clearly outlines my aims. That will follow shortly so watch this space.

Commission work will stay the same. I have to make a living somewhere right? But the results of the designs I make to my own spec will be available to the right people. I figure that I put in as much time, effort and expense into my design work as any photographer to his images or model to their craft.

2013 has been fair from a financial point of view (it’s been a vast improvement on 2012) but in terms of creativity and presence, it has been slow and it’s the end results people see that get you noticed.

So here is how it’s going to pan out:

To clear all back stock by summer. I don’t care how I do it, but it has to go.

Complete at least one photoshoot per month. It can be styling or as a designer and any concept that advances my brand and those of the people I’m collaborating with.


Marketing. Lots of marketing. And heaps more social media, blog posts, connections, likes and hi-5’s as well as image shares, responding to comments and Pinterest. It takes up a lot of time but if you don’t shout about your work, don’t assume others will either. I’m taking advice on how to make the most of tools like Twitter.


To stop always trying to climb another rung on the ladder and just enjoy what I do because it’s what I want to do. Watching everyone elses apparent climb to fathomless fame (thanks to social media) is making me focus less on my work and more on how I feel like I am being left behind. And it’s not helping.

I’d love to know what your plans are for the next 12 months. Maybe they are similar to mine. Maybe there’s a collaboration in there somewhere!


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