So How Was 2013? ‘Could Do Better’

This year feels like it’s been a bit of a waste. Granted it has been a far better year financially and I have been busy but I don’t feel like I have progressed much creatively. I have been a slave to my bank balance for most of the year.

For me, 2013 has been about moving house (3 times), moving studio (once) and weddings. I’ve spent a lot of time helping brides to get their perfect day in order, altering wedding dresses, bridesmaids gowns and kitting out mothers of brides. It’s remarkable how much time that takes up. It also pays the bills and this business has to pay its way as well as be a creative hub.

Before I knew it summer was over and we were well and truly into autumn. My design work has been very much neglected and it’s frustrating that I can’t look back on much evidence of my work. Photoshoots, from which I get much of my enthusiasm, have been very thin on the ground as a result and my updates have ground to a halt.


Design details taking shape

At the beginning of November I was finally able to get stuck into my own work again, most of which has been simmering away on the back burner since late spring.

I’ve now stocked up on enough inspiring fabrics to take me into next year and thanks to contact with several keen models who have inspired my colour themes I’m designing furiously.

I intend to step up a gear from now until commissions allow and I’m working on several capsule collections which follow my drape themes of this year.

I’m hoping to collaborate on shoots between now and into Spring to show what I’ve been up to and enable me to move onto new trends in 2014. I have plenty of ideas that’s for sure so it’s simply a case of getting organised and getting shoots together with professional and talented teams.

Watch out 2014!

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