Letting It All Hang Out – The Red Carpet Boldly Goes

You can’t have failed to notice the recent trend in see through dresses of late. Some are intentional, some are not. But all leave little to the imagination.

I’ve always been a fan of the backless dress, the lower the better. It’s such a flattering look and a style I never tire of. But I’m not entirely sure the recent crop of celebrity choices were such wise decisions.

It’s one thing to choose something this daring for publicity, but the practicalities are something you have to consider if you’re going to wear a dress that at every turn could, and often does, reveal more than you planned.

At the very least, get your underwear right.  Of course, it’s guaranteed to get both you and your designer press interest and rightly or wrongly it certainly works.

Jaimie Alexander’s red carpet dress for ‘Thor’ was a bold and interesting statement but maybe she hadn’t banked on photographers positioned on all sides.

Jaimie Alexander (source)

Jaimie Alexander (source)

Abby Clancy similarly must have taken it carefully that evening. 

Abby Clancy (source)

Abby Clancy (source)

As for Iggy Azalea – well I guess there comes a point where you just give up and go for it.

Iggy Azalea (source)

Iggy Azalea (source)


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