Something Wicked This Way Comes

Way back in February I was involved in a photoshoot for my last capsule collection, an ongoing creative spin on my ‘Diva’ and ‘Beyond Couture’ collections of 2012. It was shot in the cloisters of the building in which my studio is based – the Greyfriars, in Lincoln, with a team of nine.

Since then the photographer Deborah Selwood from Gecko Studios Photography has been carefully nurturing conversation with her contacts in the publishing world and thankfully, at last, 8 months later, we hit gold and three of the six outfits have been produced in a spread for Dark Beauty Magazine which came out on 15th September.

The collection has continued the same theme of the previous mini collections – bird wings and feminine, elegant, flowing dresses but with more creative flamboyance than before. The rest of the images will be circulated shortly via the usual methods here, on my website and my business pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Mostly these images represent a cross over of work into new creative areas I am focusing on in the rest of 2013 and in 2014. They are not dramatically different but I do feel that I’ve hit a new high both creatively and quality wise. Ironically, by the time this shoot hit the pages of Dark Beauty, I had already completed seven outfits for a new fashion collection which, again, was a follow on from Beyond Couture but definitely a departure from February’s shoot set.

Drape, couture profiles, bird wings and minimal pattern cutting have remained the themes throughout. Finer details I am thriving on at the moment. But even with the collection I have been working on in recent weeks I am already starting to get the urge to produce something crazy again. So you may be surprised by what comes next. Already ideas are taking shape and talks have begun.

So for now enjoy the results of all our hard work. A truly fantastic team, which inspires me to keep going, again and again.

For a full copy of the magazine just follow this link: This spread has been made up of two separate shoots which includes 3 outfits from Falcieri Designs modeled by Claudia Westlak and Chantelle Mold with additional clothing from Rouge Pony and Vintage Belle modeled by Hope Robins.

Credits as follows:

Photography: Gecko Studio Photography
Clothing Designer: Falcieri Designs
Hair Stylist: Kate Thomson –  Hair Assistant: Emily Tomlinson
Makeup: Sarah Feist and April Green
Models: Klaudia Weslak and Chantelle Lois Mold

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 19.23.49

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 19.25.47

(left image only)

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 19.26.39


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