Falcieri Designs Is Relocating

I have been working from The Greyfriars Studio in Lincoln for 13 months now. Oh how time flies! But our contract comes to an end in December and it’s time to move on. Thankfully it also coincides with a convenient house move which means I shall be able to work from home again from early November.

Lincoln seems to have no provision for artist studio space and so the loss of Greyfriars at the end of the year would have caused serious problems had my house move not also afforded me more space. It’s an ongoing problem for the many artists who live here. There’s a niche market for someone who’s a bit savvy when it comes to office space in austere times.

This time I’m really looking forward to working from home. I will be in a new environment and I can start afresh with a more streamlined space thanks to a number of profitable sales this year. I’m not moving far as I have another part time job in the city, hence the balance will be far more healthy.

Now that I have got to griips with the way I want to work from home, have a steady stream of commissions and commitments in the city during the week I have more direction, more drive and feel a little more under pressure to meet deadlines. All this means I will be far more effective and focused at home. And it means if I get a sudden burst of creative energy I can action it rather than having to do a 40 minute round trip walk to get to the studio.

I’ll be paying more attention to all those working from home advice columns now as well but I think I’ve mastered it and I know the pitfalls. This is an exciting time and I feel like I am going back to a way of working that suits me well. And because of that it will make me more productive and a happier enterprenuer.


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