The Rise and Rise of the Hem Line

Is it me or is it getting harder to find dresses, skirts and shorts in appropriate lengths? I may not have a size 6 figure but I haven’t quite reached the stage where I’m afraid to show off my knees.

On the other hand I don’t want passersby getting a glimpse of something above my knicker line on the high street. The number of cheeky voyeurist mobile phone snaps that have been taken this way, you may not believe. And it’s getting really old, getting a flash of that thicker bit on the top of tights, visible under the shortest of skirts.

Short shorts (source)

Short shorts (source)

The only way to make the skirts I like longer is to buy bigger sizes and wear them as hipsters which isn’t really much of a problem for me as I prefer my waistbands to sit on the hip anyway. But it’s certainly difficult to get sensible mid length clothing. It’s either micro or maxi.

As a designer I should be making my own. And I do. But sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to something that was made by someone else.

Too short? (source)

Too short? (source)

It’s got to the point where some schools are banning girls as young as 9 from wearing skirts, because of the worrying lack of length in them. So where do we go from here? Is there any hemline left to lose? Isn’t it nice to leave a little something to the imagination? I guess it’ll be leotards on the street next. No. Wait. That’s already been done….


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