Jeggings and Amanda de Cadenet

Jeggings - because they fit (source)

Jeggings – because they fit (source)

There is a reason Jeggings are so popular. I know this reason because today I bought a pair. I have resisted since I don’t know when. But today I finally cracked and I forked out for a pair of denim blue jeggings. And I really shouldn’t be feeling this smug with myself.

The reason they are so popular, like leggings or the lycra dress, is that they fit. No matter what your shape they will fit your waist, your hips, your bum and your thighs. Because when your body fits across several standard sizes all you want is something with stretch.

Stretch cotton, like its close elastane relatives is a successful product because quite simply, it fits. And for those of us who are not straight up and down or a standard size, struggling to find jeans that actually go some way to looking like they belong on our asses, it’s one of those magical gifts that we are truly thankful for. It’s why you will often see me in leggings.

The other day I was reading an xojane post by Amanda de Cadenet. I posted an enthusiastic response that she is my ideal client and my standard client. And certainly what she said was of no surprise to me at all.  A few Amanda de Cadenet’s in my life and I would be a very happy designer. Because the main reason people come to me to have their clothes tailor made, is because they can’t get anything to fit and there’s nothing more I love than making clothes that fit.

As a woman with curves, I know the dilemma and have no difficulty in understanding the exasperation so many women go through when they go shopping. It’s frustrating and generally a no win if you’re going to keep on hawking around the same old high street brands.

Amanda de Cadenet (source)

Amanda de Cadenet (source)

Because you can’t buy off the peg for curves. That Ms de Cadenet has resorted to wearing vintage to clothe herself is a telling sign of how things have changed over the years. She speaks of struggling to fit into stylist offerings at shoots and resorting to bringing her own gear. No! Hire me! I can do this!

I have never been shamed, or felt ashamed of my curves, although I do sometimes get more than a little annoyed when I step on the scales.  But it seems that many women do and are. And I cannot imagine there is anything more awkward than being on a shoot and none of the wardrobe fits. Quite frankly, that’s a little embarrassing and I’m glad it’s never happened to me.

And it still amazes me that it can be this difficult to get clothes that fit. But I hear it all the time. From celebs to my friends in the coffee houses. And still our shops stock generic clothing for fictional body sizes.


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