*Bangs Head on Desk*

Charis Talbot Photography

I have posted FAQs and random inbox messages before but apparently no one listens to a word I say so without further ado lets have a look at my inbox this week


Alternative model: Hi I saw you were looking for models I’d love to work with you.

me: Hello, thank you for your message but I am not looking for alternative models (the casting specifically said no alt) at present

Alternative Model: I don’t want to do alt anymore i want to show how versatile I am 

Me: You can’t be versatile with multi coloured hair, piercings and tattoos. 


Model: I’m agency standard why wont you work with me

Me: Just because you are ‘agency standard’ doesn’t mean I like your look or you’ll work for me. Let’s also consider your agency… I don’t think that’s a real agency. 


Model: y do u work with ****…

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